Christopher J. Roper is a disabled United States Army Veteran, and former law enforcement officer. He was born, raised, and still lives in Central Illinois. He is a Christian family man with a loving wife, and 6 children, one of whom is currently serving in the Army. When he’s not studying/following politics, like he’s been doing since he was teenager, he enjoys hunting, fishing, singing, and gaming. He was raised on a dairy and crop farm, where he began learning the important life values that he still uses today. In the Army, Chris was taught many tools to succeed and win. He learned these key leadership values that are still ingrained in him to this day: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage . . I began my career at an entry level position with Hardee's/Doro Inc. I very quickly worked my way up from the bottom into a position as a successful turnaround specialist. I was able to utilize skills I gained from my military experience to train/retrain. I assisted in marketing and policy/procedures, and was able to help stores who were not turning profits, to once again lead the way.

As a former law enforcement officer, I am trained to lead, help, and serve all people equally. I have dedicated my whole life to helping anyone and everyone I possibly can. I live daily with the injuries I sustained while serving our country and defending our constitution and values. I do not let those reminders deter me or to lose faith in God, our country, or our Constitution.

Illinois corruption is at an all time high. We The People are being attacked from all angles. We need someone who is trained in law enforcement, someone who is trained in military tactics, someone who is not fake, someone who is not a traditional/career politician, and someone who is not afraid to tackle the corruption head on. ENOUGH with the status quos who think they are better than us. We must stop placing traditional politicians in office. If they have been in office and we still have all the issues we currently have, they did not fight for We The People. Get the right person for the job. That person is Christopher J. Roper!

#VoteRoper #roperforgovernor

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