Make IL Shine Again!

I have been fighting for Illinois and our Illinois family, The United States of America and Americans, our Constitution and freedom, since signing that blank check and joining the U.S. Army serving our great nation and our beautiful American flag in 1999. I took an oath, an oath which NEVER expires! That oath is ingrained within me forever! I also served our local community as a law enforcement officer. I take fighting for freedom and WE THE PEOPLE 100% SERIOUSLY!

Before volunteering to serve our amazing state and our Illinois family again by running for IL Governor I also went to hundreds of rallies to show support for America First Policies. I showed support for We the People hundreds of times.

No, I did not sue the Governor, I knew this was useless showboating. This was weak and showing off to the camera. I instead went to as many businesses as I could to lend support, be vocal in rallies etc.

In my campaign, I do not cherry pick to be sure there are 'big donors', I don't show up long enough to get a picture to show off. I go anywhere I am asked to visit with our IL family. I am involved in community cleanups. I spend hours on the road just to show up and shake hands with as many IL family that I can. I run to the fight not taking pictures then running away. In person, not virtual...BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS!

I will run my campaign as I would Illinois, not wasting millions on silly things. The amount of money my opponents have already wasted(spent) trying to make themselves look good is absurd. There are so many other things we could spend money on.


I have been a Republican since the age of about 5. I am still a Conservative Constitutionalist Republican. When I chose to run for Illinois Governor as a Republican I quickly found out that I 'didn't pay my dues' I didn't check with the Republican Party first to get the ok to run. Since when do we need to ask a party if we may run/serve? I was told I should not run, rather, I should instead help get someone else elected. If I thought anyone running was good, I would not run myself!?

Since my announcement November 4th, 2020 I have been ignored by MY OWN PARTY! My OWN PARTY has sent many to try to attack me, my campaign and try to cancel my run.

This is the reason we here in IL have yet to enjoy IL in the way we should. If a candidate has money, the party will support lock stock and barrel! We have lost out on so many great candidates due to this elite status issue.

It is time for change, it is time that WE elect someone not the party elects someone!

We need to stand tall together, we need to fight this corruption together!

The world of politics is WAY darker than I first is truly a SWAMP!

I need your help to take on the swamp and the corruption that strangles us all here in IL. I am a soldier who will never give up, who is not afraid of the deep dark that is entangled within IL.

If you are in support of our fight to free IL, please like, share, volunteer and/or support the Roper Campaign today. The link below is the key to a successful mission...God Bless!






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